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Politics of Quality and Security of MATMER

In Matmer,a company dedicated to die cutting, conformed, threaded and assembled parts, in ferrous and non-ferrous materials, for sectors as varied as electric, electromechanical, automotive and industry in general, we are at the service of our customers, committed to society and the environment. We are aware of the need at all times to provide Quality products and services, which are correspond to the expectations and needs of our customers, respecting the legal and regulatory framework established in each case, ensuring that no task is performed without proper security measures

Our product range is divided in two lines: The first one is composed of all articles that we make in exclusivity for a determinated client, and the second one, the own articles, oriented to the identification and accreditation and, for whom our main clients are essentially fairs and Congresses.

It is important to improve our  market share, for which the sales Departement is being harnassed and impelling the launch of new products

Therefore, the objective of the Quality´s Politic of our company is to improve constantly, in establishing the firm intention to offer a excellent product and service, which might allow us to increase our presence on the market.

In order to undertake in an effective way this Politic, MATMER has implanted a Quality System which assures the correct management of technical, human and economic means,  which will allow us to optimize the resources and services.

Following are the basic tools implemented by MATMER to achieve these goals:

  1. Promote a culture of continuous improvement at the core of the company in order to encourage development of constant advance that will guarantee Quality of work, products and service.

  2. Establish and maintain an effective Quality System, based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard planned and developed in conjunction with all the activities of the organization, based on objective results and that are used as a means for continuous improvement, controlling its effectiveness through the System reviews carried out periodically by the General Directorate.

  3. From time to time, new targets for Quality Assurance Management will be set and the results obtained shall be analysed during Management reviews.

  4. Use a methodology for the evaluation of risks of the Processes, to prevent possible deviations or nonconformities of the Quality management system.

Depending on the nature of the objectives for improvement of the System that will be established periodically, it may become necessary to adjust our Quality Policy. The commitment undertaken implies an unswerving sense of duty by each and every member the firm, commencing with Management and the decisions they take to endow the organisation with the tools to carry out this task.

Each and every employee of MATMER is involved in this process and is responsible for developing, maintaining and evaluating the Quality Assurance System and of volunteering suggestions and ideas conducive to improvement.

In order to develop this Quality Policy, each employee must:

  • Consider Quality as something inherent to the job

  • Take responsibility for their own work

  • Make sure that their behaviour meets with the expectations and requirements of our customers.

To this end the Management of MATMER is committed to:

  • Provide the employees with all means available to identify and eliminate obstacles to Quality improvement.

  • Train and implicate all employees in the principles and methods of Quality improvement.

Our clients must be satisfied that they will find reliable answers to their needs from the very first moment with MATMER fulfilling each and every one of their requirements.

This Quality Policy is communicated to the entire organization, and is available to all interested parties

Sant Just Desvern, 8 st February 2017