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Metallic Clips for Accreditations

  • Design:   Clips are our own design and manufacture

  • Ease of Use:   Badges or Holders are easy to use. They fit straight on to the clip. No need for rivets, plastic straps, etc.   

  • Exclusive:   Customisable; we can stamp your name or logo on the clip.

  • Value for money:   Excellent price/quality. You buy direct from the manufacturer.  Prices in function of the quantities

  • Finishes:    Nickel or Brass Plating, Old Gold, Copper...

  • Minimum Orders:    We ship orders of  500  and up.

     Standard clip.

Pinza niquelada

SIS_IDEN_00048-1.jpg (3164 bytes)

Caja 125 pinzas y fundas
RP1101 RP0101 PR1251
Standard Logo/Matmer Standard  Without Logo RP1101 + card wallet RF11
Nickel Plated Nickel Plated Nickel plated
bags of 500 clips bags of 500 clips case of 125 unit. of each
     Standard clip with Safety Pin  

Pinza con Imperdible

RP1111 RP0111
Standard Logo/Matmer with safety pin Standard without Logo with safety pin
Nickel plated Nickel plated
bags of 500 clips bags of  500 clips
    Samples of customized clips:

Samples of the different finishes:


old gold