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  • Matri�age et formage de pi�ces m�talliques de petites dimensions

    Stamping and Forming
    of Small Metal Parts

  • Pi�ces de feuillard et de fil

    Bending machines to die stamp , bend, thread and assemble

  • Pi�ces de feuillard et de fil

    Strip and Wire Parts

  • Presses de coupe et de formage de matrices

    Tool-making and Maintenance

At Matmer we have extensive experience in the series manufacture of metal parts of small size, from strip and wire, by means of die-cutting, forming, threading and assembly, of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The parts we manufacture are small; electrical contacts, sockets, metal flanges, terminals, spring springs, staples, hardware, etc.

One-stop Service:

We collaborate with our clients, providing technical advice to obtain the best results in terms of design, choice of materials, treatments, etc.

We have our own in-house project engineering department. It is here than our technical background combines with years of experience to design and develop your project from beginning to end. The result is high speed production of your parts to the maximum standards of quality assurance.

We have our own workshop for Tool-making and Maintenance. This gives us great flexibility and reduces the number of contacts our clients have to deal with.

  • M�quina corte por hilo
  • Dobladora producci�n piezas
  • Prensa producci�n piezas

Our production plant consists of a range of bending and forming machines all of which are set up to die stamp, bend, thread and assemble. They are all compatible with each other thus enhancing our lead times and affording us great agility in responding our customers' needs

Our machinery enables us to produce parts with complex shapes, which in other types of machines is complicated, optimizing to the maximum the raw material, and therefore reducing the cost/part.

  • Verificaci�n Piezas
  • Control de Calidad
  • Control Calidad Matmer


We are aware of the need to provide an excellent product and service to our customers from the first contact, and in this we put all our efforts.

We have a Quality and Safety Management System in place, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, to ensure that all processes are carried out within the strictest quality and safety controls

All our production processes undergo meticulous, exhaustive quality controls which allow us tu assure our customers total satisfaction with the parts supplied.

Materials that we can use:

For the manufacture of metal parts, we can practically use any material from strip, or wire: Stainless steel, steel, iron, brass, copper, bronze, beryl copper, etc.

Technical Specifications of Materials:

We can work strips with width from 3,00 to 60,00 mm. and thicknesses from 0,15 to 2,00 mm. and Wire from 0,20 to 3,00 mm. Ø.

Operations and Finishing:

Coupe à matrice, formation métallique, filetage, assemblage, traitements thermiques et revêtements de surface.

Regular Customers :

Consumers requiring parts, according to the characteristics described, and quantities for medium-high productions. Our customers usually come from the electrical/electronic, electromechanical, automotive, advertising, office equipment, etc.

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C/ Del Clos s/n, Local A3
08960  Sant Just Desvern    Barcelona  Spain
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